Saturday, September 29, 2012

Camping with Daddy

Jeff and Jacob went camping overnight, with a couple of other dads and boys, at Montgomery Bell State Park.  There were four dads, four 3-year olds, and one 6-year old.  From what I can tell, they had a fun and smelled like campfire when they got home; a definate sign of a good time!  They slept in tents and sleeping bags, played with flashlights in the tents, and aparently there was a "No Crying Rule!"  The menu included all kinds of snacks, as well as hotdogs, marshmellows (S'mores), and eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Free time was spent exploring in the woods around their campsite.  I'm sure there were other things that happened on the overnight camping trip, but since both Jeff and Jacob are now asleep, that's all you get!  Ha!  Enjoy the pics!
Ready to go camping!

Tent is all set up!

Ready to go to sleep.  What a smile.  Even Deon joined the camping trip!
Morning campfire...

Exploring in the woods.

The boys.
Have a blessed day!

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