Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elizabeth's First Days

Elizabeth's first days were great!  We only had to stay at the hospital 24 hours, and got home by dinner time the following day.  What a different experience this time around!  It felt surreal as we walked out of the hospital with our newly born baby.  What a blessing!
Before her bath the first night, she was reweighed and had only lost a couple of ounces. 

Getting ready to go home...somebody was happy! 
I snapped a picture and she happened to be doing a newborn smile!

Ready to go!

Holding onto the doll that big brother gave her.  So sweet!

Agga and Jacob were waiting for us as we arrived home.  Jacob was so excited!  He said, "She come to our house!?!?"

The first thing he wanted to do was hold Elizabeth.  He is going to be a wonderful big brother!

We laid Elizabeth in her bed and Jacob went to get Deon.  He wanted to share already.  :)

Then, he ran to the bathroom, got his stool, and placed it by her bed.  He said, "I see her better."

After her first night at home, this is how Elizabeth woke up in the morning.  She's like Jacob in that she does not like her arms bound!  The last few months in the womb was enough for her.  Ha!  She likes her freedom!
Thanks for checking in with us.  Hope you have a blessed day and find ways to see God at work in your everyday, ordinary life!

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  1. This makes me tear up. Our daughter's middle name is Elizabeth. What a beautiful family you have!!! Love,Laura