Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Fun!

It's hard to believe another year of pumpkin picking and Halloween decorating has come again.  It seems like just a while ago we had decorated our first pumpkins and gone to the pumpkin patch...  Jacob is still as cute as ever, although getting him to sit still long enough to take a decent picture is getting harder and harder, so moving targets and pictures of Jacob in motion are going to have to suffice this year.  We did manage to take a few while he was sitting, but they were quick and to the point!  Ha! 

Here's Jacob sitting in the wagon with our first pumpkin choice.  So cute!

It looks like he's praying over his pumpkin in this picture, maybe so!

The BIG BOY is pulling the wagon with our choice pumpkins.
Smiling Jacob...but about to get up and move...
Our two pumpkins.  We got a big family one, and one for Jacob to paint.
Here's Jacob painting the eyes on his pumpkin.  Jackson is supervising.

We put his handprints on the back side of the pumpkin.

Jeff pulled out the guts of the big pumpkin so I could carve it.  Jacob said he wanted circle eyes, a triangle nose and a smile with teeth.  Again...Jackson supervised!

Here's Jacob's pumpkin that he colored and decorated.

Here's the family pumpkin!  Jacob liked that it said, "BOO" on the side.

Our precious "moving" boy and our family pumpkins!

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