Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Perfect Fall Day!

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. Maybe it's seeing all of God's creativity in the colors of the trees, and the crispness in the air...its just an amazing time of year.  While raking leaves is not one of the joys of fall, it does make for fun pictures! 

Look, I got a stick!

 Since getting a couple of things in the mail recently, Jacob has been very interested in the mailbox and likes getting as close to the edge of the street as he can, since he's not allowed in the street.  Ha!

This is our neighbor's tree.  The color was so vibrant that I HAD to take a picture.  Amazing!

 After Jeff cleaned up all the leaves, Jacob had to play some more baseball!
This is Jacob's batting position.  Hilarious!

Hey You!

And hit!

Jackson was with us the whole time, even though this was the only picture with him.  He loves this time of year too!  He spends alot of his day outside watching the birds and eating leaves.  Ha!  So silly!

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