Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yes, you read correctly in the title...its says ARKANBILT.  Jacob is a torn football fan.  See, his family would suggest that he be a fan of Arkansas sports teams, but he has such strong ties to Vanderbilt because of his life saving experiences there (and it's where his mama got a degree, and possibly his future University of choice, just sayin').  So, for the special occasion where Vanderbilt and Arkansas football teams play each other, Jacob is a divided fan. At least for now...however, he did predict an Arkansas Win...

Here's some pictures from "Game Day."

Here's Jacob in his bed, sporting the "Arkanbilt" shirt I made for him.  Of course, Deon is with him and he is so proud of himself.  For the special weekend, the whole Tuley family stayed in our house (it's not a big house) so the air mattress proved to be fun for making his bed into a "fort."

At the game, both teams were warming up.  It was a little chilly to start, but warmed up nicely in the sun!

Jacob with Aunt Jenny

See, Chappy, this is how I point; with my thumb just so, and my hand right up on my face.  Ha!

Enjoying the game with U-Buh and Chappy

Can't forget the snacks!

A group shot minus Agga. (she was taking the photo)

The Vandy Band making the star with a V in the middle.

There's Jacob and Agga!

Lunch was hotdogs and water.  Yum! 

Whoo, Pig Sooie!  Go Hogs!  We're all cheering in this photo, except Jacob.  He was falling asleep right at the end of the game.

...and he's OUT!
What a great game!...and...Arkansas did defeat Vanderbilt, just as Jacob predicted.  :)

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