Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jacob in Atlanta

We spent the last five days in Atlanta with the Tuley family...and it was full of lots of adventures for Jacob. He's such an easy going kid, and this trip proved that even more! Every day was FUN-filled, which meant later naps, later bedtimes, change in meal times, etc. But, even with all the changes Jacob was awesome! He had so much fun with family and showed us more and more how BIG and GROWN UP he is becoming. It was Great!!!

Jacob in the car on the way to Atlanta. He's looking super cool in his sunglasses!

Upon arrival in Atlanta we ate lunch at GiGi's house, then went to pick up Uncle Biggie from the Airport. What would a trip to Atlanta be if it didn't include going to an aiport???? Uncle Biggie just purchased an airplane and Jacob needed to check it out!

Jacob in the Pilot seat making sure the plane was in good working order! He looks so cute!

Uncle Biggie, Jacob, and Diddy pose for a picture in the airplane! Precious!

Who let that child in the back of the plane?!?!?!?

"These are the wings!"

Once we finished checking out the plane we headed out to Agga and Pappy's house! Jacob and Agga went out to feed the geese in the back yard. They had taken a bag of bread and the geese followed them all around the backyard. It was too cute!

On their way back and the geese are still following! Ha! You may be wondering how Jacob gave his grandmother the name Agga....well, Jacob has the tendency to either leave out the beginning sound, or put it somewhere in the middle instead of the beginning. For example, Pizza was "appa" for a while, and basketball is "abbotball," the word chicken is "iten," and so on. So when he was learning Gramma, we would say "Agga." So....she is now Agga! It's really cute to hear him say, "Agga house" and "Hi Agga."

On Friday morning we got up and went to the Yellow River Game Range where Jacob could feed and pet some animals. Here's some pictures of Jacob feeding the deer.

There were a few small bridges that Jacob enjoyed...he loves to go "Over Bridge" and says it every time we drive or walk across a bridge. It's funny, but he will go back and forth and back and forth on a bridge. It's the best entertainment for him.

Here's a picture of Jacob feeding a "bap bunny." He thought it was so funny that the bunny would "nibble nibble nibble" on the carrot!

Jeff, Jacob, and Agga walking through the Yellow River Game Range....

This is the home of Georgia's very own General Lee, the famous Groundhog! He must have been somewhere inside his mansion...It was so fun seeing the animals and getting to feed and pet some of them. What a unique place!

After the Game Range, we met Pappy at the park for lunch and a little playing. I can't believe how big Jacob is getting. He's LOVING being outside and wants to throw and kick the ball, run and climb stairs, and just be SO independent! My baby boy is officially gone! Such a precious boy!

Jacob being independent and climbing the stairs all on his own!

"Jacob turn around," I say...and he complies. Hopefully it will always be this way. Ha!

Jacob rolling and kicking the ball with Pappy and Agga.

The park where we met Pappy for lunch was so neat. It overlooked the Chattahoochie River. Here's Agga and Jacob talking about something very important! :) I'm sure she's teaching him to say Cha-tta-hoo-chie correctly. Right now he only says, "hoochie" and that's not too far off....hum....

Diddy and Jacob at the park, with the "Hoochie" behind them. Ha! If only Jacob had been looking at the camera, this would have been a perfect picture! Jacob has the tendency to say "cheese" while looking AWAY from the camera...sigh...oh well.

A family portrait. Sweet!

On Saturday we headed to the Atlanta Zoo with Uncle Buh, Aunt Jenny, Agga, and Pappy. Since we are members in Nashville we were able to get half price tickets! Awesome!

Pappy and Agga walking with Jacob

The Gorilla exhibit...

Diddy and Jacob. This is such a funny face...I asked Jacob to smile and this is the face he gave...Jeff however, gave his traditional smirk. Love it!
The Pandas getting ready to eat lunch.

Uncle Buh and Aunt Jenny showing Jacob the monkeys.

The group at the front entrance. We are all smiling and looking at the camera...this is a first!

Saturday night we celebrated Jeff's birthday by going to Dave and Busters for dinner and games. Jacob earned LOTS of tickets and was able to get a little basketball and hoop, a soccer ball, and a CARS coloring book. Here's the boys racing cars together.

Diddy and Jacob driving a BIG RIG truck. Ha!
We got back to Agga and Pappy's house and Jackson and Jacob helped Jeff open his birthday presents. It was a fun evening! Jacob was even able to sing Happy Birthday to Jeff. So cute!
Then...on Monday Jacob was able to see Lightning McQueen, but Jacob says it like this, "Abbot Peen," and how he comes up with that is so funny to me! Here's the lifesize Mater, Finn McMissle, and Lightning McQueen. They are promoting the new Cars 2 movie and we just happened to stumble upon this rare gem! How fun!

Agga and Jacob in front of Mater!

Jacob looking like such a BIG Boy standing in front of Lighting McQueen all by himself.
That's all for now (it's plenty, I know). Thanks for checking in with us! Have a blessed day!


  1. These pictures are so cute!! When I was little, I was TERRIFIED of geese--they were so big, and they were vicious when they wanted the bread out of my hand! Jacob seems so great with animals, and fearless of any creatures big or small, is that true?

  2. hi Mrs. tuley i was one of your former students in cole elementry i was 1 of your last 4th graders i missed you when you left and the rest of the class just if want to my name is alejandra