Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventures with Food!

After Jacob's surgery, we couldn't get him food fast enough. All day long he was asking to "Eat" or for food. I guess he had to gain the weight back that he had lost while being so sick. Needless to say, he's gained it all and then some. Since we've been home he's gained almost 6 pounds. Wow! Here's some pictures of him enjoying his meals! So precious!

Spaghetti Face!

First time with cereal, and he LOVED it!

In this picture, he's having a snack, he's telling me he has Lima Beans and Banana. What a snack!

God has blessed us so richly! Our preacher was talking on Sunday about how God is there with you, that he never leaves you. I believe that with all my heart, even when things are grim, He is there with us still. We just have to listen and feel his hand in ours, guiding and leading us. I know that in having Jacob we endured such heartache, so deep that emotion still overwhelms me when I think about it. But, the sweetness of Jacob's voice and joy he experiences on a daily basis makes it all so worth it. I would do it over and over again because I know that God never left us and we are experiencing only a portion of the joy and love he has in store. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


  1. First just looking at the pictures, I was thinking, "Wow! Jacob looks so big!" Then I read to see that he's gained 6 lbs- that's great! So happy to see and hear he's doing so well after surgery. It blessed me to see y'all that night. Jacob is as sweet as they come :).

  2. I lol when I saw that spaghetti face. What a great smile! thanks for the post, it made my day. Love and Kisses; Gjo

  3. Thank you for reminding me- heartache that leaves overwhelming emotion is always marked by God's goodness. This week in our Bible study we read Hebrews 12. It says that we are all disciplined by God and it's painful at the time BUT it produces a HARVEST of righteousness and PEACE! I think those are true both for those who experience the discipline, but also for others who reap the benefits. From far away, through you and your family, peace has come to us. I'll keep working back on your's been a while!