Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In case you didn't know it already, Jacob is very muscial. He LOVES singing and listening to music. One thing I realized recently, is that all the songs that I sang to him as a baby while in the hospital and when we were home were ingrained in his little brain and heart. I realized this when I was giving Jacob a bath and started singing a song to him that he had heard all his life, but he had never sang along with me before. I stopped in the song, not purposefully, but he filled in the word for me. It was so sweet.

Here's us singing that song at breakfast the other day...

Here's another couple of songs we've been singing lately too...I think you'll recognize these!!!

Jacob also sings along in the car with some silly vegetables (some veggies named Bob and Larry), and he knows many of the words to the songs already. It makes me smile and almost tear up when I hear him in the car singing "God is so Good," because God is good. So. Good. I believe that deep down in his heart he KNOWS this, he may not remember all the poking and prodding that happened to him as a baby, but I choose to believe that it formed and shaped him in ways that are Good and True, and only from God. He and God have a special connection already!

Thanks for checking in with us today. I hope your day is filled with seeing God's goodness, even through the tough stuff. Because while the tough stuff may not be fun now, one day you will see God's hand in it, and you will sing "God is so Good" and KNOW that He is.


  1. Wowee, singing and eating at the same time,(as in the 1st song) who'd a thunk that was possible a few months ago!!! Way to go Jacob. Gjo loves you. You are my "sonshine". (thats my song I sing to Jacob.)

  2. have followed Jacob since finding thei blog thru a friend at church. He is an amazing little boy!
    If you could please email me, I am a nurse, and we gave this diagnosis to a family yesterday and would love to put them in contact with you if you were willing. They live in Murfreesboro.

  3. you are a blessing to me

  4. you brought smiles to my face and joy to my heart, keep singing and growing in Jesus!