Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Trip to Atlanta

This past weekend we traveled to Atlanta to be with family. Jacob was, as usual, the center of attention. He stole the show and entertained us all. Here's some pictures from the time in Atlanta. Here's Jacob and his sidekick Deon in the car...can you find him? I love how sleepy Jacob looks...he got maybe 30 minutes of naptime that day! Ha!
Gramma and Jacob went to the lake to feed the geese. Jacob tore up the bread all by himself and placed it in the ziploc bag. How sweet.

The geese came so close that they were eating out of Gramma's hands.

I stole away from the family to see my good friend and her new baby. We spent nearly 3 hours just catching up and holding her wee-one. Precious!

Saturday morning was spent at the Southern Museum. Jacob learned all about how the locomotive "The General" was taken by a band of Union Soldiers and one man's mission to stop them from completely destroying the rail lines and cutting off resources for the Confederate Army. Very informative!
Here's Gramma and Chappy walking into the museum with Jacob.
Chappy, Jeff and Jacob...not sure about this one... Ha!

Jacob had a good time waiting for the "movie" to start by running back and forth on the "dinah." Otherwise known as Diamonds. :) In case you didn't know already, they are "bap" and "ite."

"The General"

Being with family is very special, and we love and appreciate them so much. It's great to be able to share Jacob and all the normal, ordinary, and wonderful things he can do, with a family that loves him and gives him so much attention! What a blessing God has given us.


  1. i just spent some time catching up with jacob on your blog...i can't believe how big he is and how old he looks!!! i know you adore this precious little boy-and isn't it kind of nice to just be worrying about stitches and stomach bugs instead of oxygen tubing and respiratory status??? ;) so happy for your sweet family=)

  2. Love it! He is growing up so quickly.