Monday, February 21, 2011

Playing at the Park and Videos

The weather has been so great the past week, that Jacob has gotten to play at the park almost every day. He's getting better and better at climbing, sliding, running, stepping, and sometimes falling. Here's some pictures from yesterday at the park. As you will see, I couldn't get him to look at me and smile...he was TOO busy playing. :)

I love this picture.
Of course, he had to point out the letters! :)
Coming down the stairs!!!

We got to enjoy a snack in the middle of play time. Re-fueling is important you know!
Here's a couple of videos we took yesterday of Jacob. This first one is Jacob spelling his name. He likes to add some extra "B's" to it every now and then. So cute!

This video is Jacob and Mommy singing "This is the Day." I love when he says, "rejoice" because it sounds more like "juice." Next time I'll try to sing softer so you can actually hear Jacob sing. Don't mind me...

Thanks for checking in with us this week.