Monday, February 7, 2011

Did you Miss Us?

We're back!!!
Not for the everyday blogging like in January, but we're back to give Jacob's fans some more of "his royal cuteness" and his adventures this week.
On Friday night Jacob had his first experience with Hibachi style Japanese food. We had a great time! Jacob watched the cook very intently, and when the fire and heat came bursting into the air he nearly jumped into Jeff's arms. However, he did think it was pretty cool at the other tables! :) Here's some pictures of the evening!

After the meal, Jacob and Daddy were still all smiles! Jacob LOVED the food. He munched on the Ginger salad and had some soup, and he ate an entire adult portion of rice! By the time the veggies and chicken came, he was so full. Oh well. He did still manage to eat some of the zucchini and broccoli and a few bites of chicken. He also enjoyed the fortune cookie quite a bit as well. That was a little surprising.

Here's a picture of his plate at the end of the meal. Mostly chicken and a few veggies left.
The next BIG and EXCITING thing Jacob did this weekend was switch from a crib to a BIG BOY BED. Yay! This was something Jeff and I talked about doing once Jacob turned two and could climb a little better. So on Saturday we took off the front of the crib and put the toddler rail on the front. Here's some pictures of Jacob's reactions...

Of course, Jackson is monitoring the situation as well...I guess he likes it!

The first night, Mommy and Daddy weren't so sure this was such a good idea. Ha! We put him in bed and 30 seconds later he'd be out in the living room with his hands in his mouth and a little smile on his face. It was hard to get mad at him for how proud he was of himself. This charade continued for quite a while. After about an hour and 20+ trips back to bed, Jacob finally stayed put long enough to fell asleep. Sunday afternoon nap time was a little better, about 20 min and 10 or so trips back to bed. Sunday night was good, about 25 minutes and about 7 times back to bed. But today, for nap was the best so far...10 minutes and only 5 trips back to bed. Maybe he's getting the hang of this whole BIG BOY BED thing. :)

Thanks for checking in with us today. God is so good and has blessed us SO richly!


  1. AH HA! A new post! I've been waiting to see what you would do for the blog. I'm glad it went better today for naptime. It wouldn,t surprise me if before you know it he just goes to bed. I remember a little girl who would just find a comfy spot and go to sleep anywhere! Ha! Love you Gjo

  2. Thanks for the blog. Jacob is going to do just fine in that Big Boy Bed!!!

    Love You All,
    Papa Bear

  3. So glad to see how well he is doing!! WOW on the eating!! Good job, jacob!!

  4. Glad naptime went better today. Proud of you Jacob! From the Ortiz family in Rockdale :)

  5. sounds like Jacob likes his new game better than his new bed!!

  6. He looks like such a big boy in all these pictures! I love it. Yay Jacob!