Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sunday night we got our first snow of the Winter Season. This is what our house looked like as we attempted to go to small group. Doesn't it look beautiful?!?!

Our backyard looked like this on Monday morning. A nice blanket of snow!

Jacob, however, didn't think the snow was so great afterall. Here he is all bundled up and ready to play in the snow. The plan was to make a snowman, but the big guy had other plans!

At the steps, ready to go back inside! Ha!

Everytime I would pick him up and walk with him out to the snow, he'd head right back to the door. Funny!

So, I decided that maybe he'd like the snow more if he saw how much Jackson loves the snow. So we went around to the backyard and got Jackson out there with us....But...Jacob just headed right for the stairs to go back inside. Ha!

I managed to get one smile out of him, but only because Jackson was running around and eating the snow. I guess Jackson is pretty funny to watch.

An attempt at a cute picture in the snow with the two boys!

Jacob's first time in the's what he really thought!


  1. The pics are great. I am sure glad Jacob liked the snow so much. The video was the greatest, I done, I done, I done.

    Love you all and see you soon
    Papa Bear

  2. That's great! Maybe Sam can teach Jacob how to stay outside longer...we were hard pressed to get him back inside. I love the picture of the house too. Great decorating!!!

  3. Gjo here: Had to go back and revisit this. Its after Christmas but this is a big Thx to you Jeff for fixin the video on my computer, its works great! Look forward to the next blog post. We had a fabulous Christmas together! Love to you all: Gjo