Monday, December 13, 2010


Friday night was a fun night at our house. We decorated Sugar Cookies for Christmas!
Jacob did a good job helping Mama in the kitchen with the cookie cutting. He chose a tree and a train. How cute!
A picture of Jacob's train, pre-oven.

Jacob cutting out his tree!
Once the cookies were cooked and cooled, we sat Jacob in his chair, and asked him what color he'd like for his tree. He pointed to the black. Hum...I guess I need to do a better job there.... :) Jacob loved putting the sprinkles on his cookies. He just laughed and laughed when he shook the container and all the sugar sprinkles went on his tray. Fun!

Jacob decided that he'd like to try the sprinkles make sure they were tasty enough...

The finished products! What a wonderful BLACK tree and Choo Choo train!

This is the look we get when we ask Jacob to smile. He had already put his fingers in the icing and as you can tell, he enjoyed it! Ha!
After little man went to bed, Mommy and Daddy finished decorating the other cookies. We had some serious masterpieces...

Mommy made this one for the Big Guy! He ate it last night. ;)

This was Mommy's favorite! Something about the little scarf... Fun!

Daddy also got creative...this is his black sock, with a gold toe and a hole in the heel. Ha!

Of course, Daddy had to have a train too. What a good job!

We're really enjoying this holiday season with Jacob....What a blessing!


  1. Love the black tree! That is such a boy thing :-)

  2. I agree....shows his creativity...and they're ALL black at night, right? :)