Friday, December 10, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Last Saturday we had Breakfast with Santa at our church. There were activities that Jacob could do while he waited for his chance with Santa. So he decorated a card, made an ornament, and threw a bean bag at some green cups shaped like a tree. I have to be honest, I was quite concerned that Jacob would HATE sitting with Santa. If you know Jacob, he has a hard time with being separated from Jeff or me. As we were heading down the hallways he had a concerned look on his face because he thought we were going to take him to "bible class" and leave him (similar rooms and hallway as Sunday church stuff). He watched as the other kids sat in Santa's lap and some cried, others didn't. Then it was Jacob's turn...I walked up to Santa with Jacob, placed him in his lap, told him I wasn't going anywhere and that he needed to take a picture with Santa and tell him what he wanted for Christmas.
I slowly walked away hoping and praying that he wouldn't have a melt down...and....Success!!! Jacob even smiled for the camera when we asked him to. What a great kid we have!

When Santa asked Jacob what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "a-deesh," and then quickly said, "I down," and climbed off Santa's lap. So, Santa is bringing Jacob a "dish" for Christmas! Ha Ha!

Have a great day!

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