Monday, September 27, 2010

Papa Bear and GJo come for a visit...

Papa Bear and GJo came in for a 5 day visit and we made sure we had lots of fun! :) Of course, the trip was filled with lots of book reading, plenty of playing at parks, some projects, walking around in a field of corn (haha), and ended with cheering me on in my first half marathon. It was a busy week, but such fun! Papa Bear taught Jacob some new tricks at the dinner table, and learned a thing or two about flying with avionics with Jeff. All around, it was a fun time and we are looking forward to spending more time with them for Christmas this year. Here's some pictures from the week. Enjoy!

GJo reading with Jacob
Jacob and Jackson just hanging out!
Getting some pansies and mums for fall planting projects. Thanks for all the hard work, the yard looks great!
Wednesday night we decided to walk down the street to the yogurt place. It's about a half mile away, and it was a nice night for a walk. Off we go for some sweet treats!
The boys look happy after getting some MENCHIES!
The best picture of GJo and Jacob. So sweet!
Thursday we had the usual therapy sessions, and Papa Bear and GJo got to experience Jacob swinging down the zip line. Here we are getting him all set up. :)
After OT, we went to a nearby park and played. Jacob mostly walked around since that's what he really wants to do lately. I think he's pointing at the grass here...
Walking with Papa Bear and GJo. How much fun is this???
Snack time. Jacob really loves his Yogurt! :)
In the car on the way to the Corn Maze. Jacob was pointing out every Big Rig Truck he could find. Notice his foot resting on his knee? This is his usual pose in the car. Hilarious!
Oh GJo, it wasn't that bad, was it? :)
In the corn maze...hoping we don't get lost! :)

Are we ever going to find our way out and around the MASSES of people??? :)
Jeff took Papa Bear flying on Friday, so in preparation for their trip, they were looking at the map. "I think I wanna go there..."
"And we're off..."
Two cool dudes flying to Memphis for some Beale St. Bar-B-Que.
While the boys went flying, GJo and I took Jacob to the downtown library and read some books. I had to go to the Runner's Expo right across the street to pick up my information for the Women's half Marathon, so we decided to have some fun reading books first. Although, Jacob really just wanted to walk around there too. :)
Saturday morning was the day of the big race. I had been training for about 4-5 months for the Women's Half Marathon, and here we are after I completed 13.1 miles. About mile 11 my body was really feeling the wear and tear of the running, but I perservered, and it paid off. I am very proud of myself. Thanks to Jeff for supporting me, and watching Jacob every morning so I could train. What a great man!

It was great to have my parents there cheering me on to completion! I am glad they came out and experienced that with me.

Here's the video of me crossing the finish line!

Thanks for a great trip PB and GJo.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Congratulations Julie on completing the half marathon! I was great running into you at the library the other day. So good to see the amazing Jacob in person!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I am so proud of you, Julie!!! I also loved getting to see your parents last week. So, I know the sweet lady who commented above. I'm so glad you got to meet Hannah, she's an amazing woman!!

  3. Thanks for the great week, we had a great time. We love you all. See you in December

    Papa Bear