Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nothing really...

It's been a great week with Jacob. Our schedule is still pretty full during the week. We have two appointments on Mondays, two appointments on Thursdays, and have started a play group on Wednesdays. So...Mister Jacob's social calendar fills up quickly. :) Jeff has been working from home on Fridays, so that allows us to have some extra family time. Which is great! On the days that we don't have plans, we go to the grocery store, and run errands.

Jacob has become quite opinionated in the past few weeks, and often shows us just how he feels about being told no. I wouldn't say that we're experiencing "tantrums" per say, but he's definately showing his independence! :) Also, naptime and bedtime have become quite a struggle too. Agh, growing up is hard stuff!

I don't have too many pictures to post...but here's some of the pictures and short videos I grabbed with my phone. Sorry about the sideways videos and the quality. I'm still learning how to use my new phone...

Jacob was so tired after going shoe shopping, playing at the indoor play area at the mall, and eating lunch that he fell asleep on the way home. So cute!

These are a couple of videos of Jacob's latest skill. He was so proud of himself!

This is Jacob walking all over the house during our kitchen renovations. :) He's getting better!

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a blessed day!


  1. Great post! Love to see the everyday stuff. However, I think there should be more post of Jacob flying with his Dad and Uncle!

  2. When will the BOY fly again????