Monday, September 13, 2010

Cardinals/Braves Game in the ATL

This weekend we went to Atlanta for Jacob's first Cardinals Baseball game (outside of the womb that is). He did such a GREAT job at the game, despite the heat! Here's some pictures of the event. What a precious boy we have!!!!

"You mean the Cardinals didn't win?"
Ready for the game Daddy, Let's Go!
Already a Pujols fan!

Such a sweet picture of GG and Jacob before the game!

He did this pose all on his own! What a cutie!

Talking "baseball" with Chappy! (or whatever Jacob will call him one day)

At the game!
Uncle Buh eating Cheerios. "One at a time!"

Don't you LOVE Jacob's face in this picture with Aunt Jenny? He was SO hot!

Watching the game on Daddy's shoulders. Cute!

Our attempt at a family shot. It gets harder and harder to get these lately!

Typical Jacob. Gesturing at something...

Watching the game!

Thanks to the Tuley family for such wonderful memories made this weekend. Hopefully this will be the first of MANY, MANY Cards games together!
Thanks for checking in today. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. LOVE the family pictures. You have such a wonderful, committed and dedicated loving family. You are very very lucky and blessed.

  2. Great Pics at the game, I am so glad for you- all.