Monday, January 25, 2010

The Amazing Jacob turns ONE!!!!! (although it's officially on Tuesday)

The official day is Tuesday, January 26th, but we celebrated this past Saturday with a party with close family and a few friends. The theme was Super Heroes. For a long time Jacob had been called "The Amazing Jacob" because of all the amazing things he and God were able to accomplish together after birth. So, the Amazing Jacob got a Super Hero party, complete with his own logo and cape.
There were many family members that traveled from far lengths to spend time with us (Jacob) for the weekend...all the way from Atlanta, New York, California, and Texas. The Amazing Jacob is quite loved by all! Here's a picture of GG and Aunt Jamie.

As the guests began to arrive, Jacob quickly became the center of attention. Just as it should be!
There were presents opened and directly put into the mouth...

There were smiles during cake time...
There were moments of distress...
...and then there were moments of cake went flying all over MOMMY!
Of course there was food...
...and lots of decorations...

...a high chair that was ready for action...

...and a front door showing who would be the center of attention!
It was a wonderful celebration and full of great memories.
Thank you to all the people that made it possible.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!! What progress you have made in a year. I smile every time I think about you. Still praying for you.

  2. YAY!!!!! Happy Birthday Jacob! We look forward to many, many more :)

  3. I have chills! :) He is amazing as are you and Jeff as parents, and GOD is so amazing for giving you Jacob! I love the party! Happy Birthday, Jacob!

  4. A very happy and miraculous birthday to you Mr. Jacob. You are my inspiration. Here's to many many more!

  5. Happy Birthday Jacob. Wishing you health and happiness for all your many years.

  6. :-) Happy birthday Jacob! I am sure you (mom and dad) remember the day like yesterday!

  7. Happy Birthday Jacob, WAY TO GO!

  8. Happy Birthday to a special little boy who is just one of God's many miracles. I rejoice with the Tuley Family today as Jacob celebrates his first birthday. Prayers will continue for all of you. Barbara Jones

  9. Happy Birthday, Jacob! What a long way you've come! "Amazing" is definitely the way to describe you!!! So proud of you!!!