Saturday, October 24, 2009

I know it's Saturday...

...and I said that I would post on for all the Jacob fans that were expecting something yesterday...SORRY! Here's the skinny on the big guy! (ha...get it)

This is one of the semi-good family photos we've had in the past few months and we're all looking at the camera. Looks like Jacob is close to smiling or just finishing one. Either way, we're just happy to have a family photo with him in it! :)

Uncle Buh and Aunt Benny (Jon and Jenny) came to visit for the weekend. They were in Nashville to attend a wedding and got to stay with us. What fun we all had...they loved watching Jacob bounce up and down in his jumper, on their lap, when he get the point. He loves to just bob up and down...maybe we can catch it on video for you. Why couldn't he have smiled like this in the family pic???? Hee hee.

Jacob has his photoshoots every now and then when he seems particularly happy...and this day was no exception. I love the socks that GJ and PB got him from Yosemite...they say, "a bear says, Grrrrr." Plus, he's wearing a onesie (size 18 months...what a big guy) from Aunt Vonnie with bear paw prints all over it. The bear theme was in full swing that day...

On that same day Jacob didn't have any appointments, so we went out for some fun. While we were out, we ran into some our very best friends, Jackie and Mike. We went to lunch at a little deli close by and enjoyed some fun company. They have a blog about their adoption journey and are hoping to be bringing home a child from Nepal in the near future. They are a special couple! And in pure Jacob fashion...he's not looking at the camera... :)

I caught this picture of Jacob soon after laying him down on the floor. He's watching a Baby Einstein video and totally enthralled. Usually he will not hold his head in this position for very long....but I'm not kidding...this kid was watching the screen for about 20 minutes before he put his head down for a short rest. But, he was back up in a flash when something ran across the screen. So he can do it...he just needs the motivation. Me and Toys just don't cut it I guess.
We're working on strengthening Jacob's oral motor skills by playing little games with him during feeding times. He was holding this carrot stick in his mouth for quite a while. It looked funny, so we caught a picture. What a ham!

This last picture is of Jacob from today. He's such a cute growing kid! Each day he's getting stronger and stronger. I love seeing the joy in his face when he discovers a new talent he has...

Thanks for checking in with us this week. Have a wonderful day! Stay tuned cause next week is HALLOWEEN....that means that Jacob will be sporting all kinds of cuteness!


  1. Wow! He is so handsome and big! haven't checked in awhile but just got off the phone with your mom and dad Julie and had to check! Our nephew this week is now at 90% oxegen! He just had heart surgery, Zack-2years old. He had heart surgery at 2 days old! this is the first time he does not look blue! So happy to hear all of your praises! We love you! Cynthia & John

  2. I love Jacob photoshoots! He looks really, reall good, which means you guys are working your butts off to help him catch up. Great job Mom & Dad!!!! Can't wait for the Halloween pics :)

  3. Oh boy oh Boy! Thats my Jacob. The Amazing Jacob. You guys do such a great job with this blog. Can't wait to seee the "tricks" he will do next week. It'll be nothing but "treats" for GJ and PB. Love and kisses Gramma Jo

  4. :-) Go Jacob go!! Love seeing the pictures of the little, or not so little, guy!