Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Friday Post

I am finding less and less time in the week to post about Jacob's activities. Maybe I should just make it a plan to post on Fridays...

This is the drooly Jacob picture...because he's getting 4 more teeth...YES 4 MORE! He's getting the top four middle teeth. The two in the center have already broken through the skin, but the other two beside each of those is just about to come through, you can see the spongy skin ready to show some more pearly whites. When they grow a little more, maybe I can snap some pics. For now, you'll just have to believe me by seeing the drool!

Jacob had his very first trip to Walmart, that's right, FIRST trip! I was so proud of the little guy sitting up so well in the shopping cart. I had been putting this off because I just didn't think he was strong enough to hold himself, but there's a harnace that clips him into the seat I could have taken him a LONG time ago! :) He is so cute playing with his little ball. Don't worry, nobody touched him and I sanitized EVERYTHING before and after getting into it!

Jacob had a couple of appointments at VCH this week and so did his friend Sam. This is a pic of us playing in the garden while waiting for his buddy Sam to finish his procedure. Jacob had the best time feeling the breeze on his face and playing with his keys. He's getting strong enough to pull himself forward in the stroller to grasp at unreachable things in front of him. This is great, because his abdominal muscles were sliced a couple of times for surgeries and it means that he's beginning to strengthen those up! Go, Jacob Go!

Sorry about this video being sideways. I thought I would be able to rotate it, but alas, you can't do you'll have to live sideways with Jacob for a minute or so. Jacob has been loving Jackson lately, and he loves Jackson's toys, especially the ones that make noise. I love how he pulls his hands up off his legs when he laughs hard! He just keeps laughing when Jackson squeezes his toy and makes noise with it. Precious!

Just a precious picture of our little one. Although, he's not so little. We had an appointment this week and Jacob is over 30 and a half inches. Way above the 95% for length. He's also weighing in at 22 pounds 4 ounces. Way to go! Our appointment was a follow up with the surgeon that did Jacob's surgeries, and when he came in he said, "Wow, I wouldn't even have recognized him!" Jacob has come such a long way!
And the last picture I leave you with is of our new patio! Jeff did this!!! He's so good at projects. It took him a couple of weeks, only because of rain stopping his progress, but nevertheless, it is done. Doesn't it look great! You can also see the top parts of the retaining walls that Jeff did a couple of summers ago. What a lot of work!

Thanks for checking in with us. Hope you have a blessed day today. God is still working miracles...share that with someone today!


  1. LOVE the video! I could watch it over and over again. Carter doest the same thing with Lucy and her squeaky toys. Don't you just love watching them figure out the world?

  2. A friend asked me to pray for you'all shortly after your first ultrasound. We had lost a little grandson with Potter's Syndrome a few years ago. Isaac only lived about an hour, but blessed our family so. I've read your blog faithfully and shared your story with everyone who will listen. Our Ladies Bible Class at Southern Hills Church of Christ in Franklin has prayed for your family many times. Jacob is so precious. I read your blog and cry a lot and praise God even more. Just wanted you to know that your story and your family have blessed me and that I will continue to pray for all of you. God is good. Sincerely, Barbara Jones

  3. Thanking our great God this morning for allowing you the joy of seeing this little guy grow and hit milestones and amaze us all. What a beautiful child in so many ways.

    You are both obviously so very happy - just wanted you to know that we are for you too!

    Would appreciate prayers as we are on the final stretch of baby boy#4. Hudson John is laying breech and we are praying for him to get into position so we can progress with another labor rather than c-section. Just 4 weeks to go!

    Love, the Brednichs in Mexico