Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Trip!

Jacob went on his very FIRST road trip for the Labor Day Weekend. What an adventure for ALL of us! The Tuley Tribe all met in Pigeon Forge in the Great Smoky Mountains on Friday night and spent the weekend hanging out, shopping, eating, and having fun. Who was the center of attention...who else? Jacob! He thought it was quite alot of fun entertaining all the adults.

Here's Jackson and Jacob ready to get in the car and GO!

Here's the car...loaded up with all our stuff. Wow...kids require alot of stuff! Jeff joked that if we'd been hit that the car would explode like a bomb because of all the oxygen tanks we had to travel with...ha! I reminded him of the episode on Mythbusters where they tried to shoot a tank and did not succeed. Pretty funny! Anyways, God kept us safe!

Jackson's favorite traveling spot!

Jacob says, "Hum....I am up to no good!"

Our little family on the porch of the cabin.
Everyone had to get their hands on Jacob at different times of the weekend. It was great for Jacob to be with his Tuley family. What you may not know...is that behind every camera was a group of CRAZY family members doing anything and everything they could to make Jacob smile; Kissing sounds, clapping, smiling, making funny noises, and even flailing arms. Ha!
Gramma Tuley with Jacob at dinner (Mexican, of course)!
Gran-Chap-Daddy with Jacob. Aww... Jacob loves it!

What a special treat for us. Here Jacob sits with his GG. The last time that GG saw Jacob, he was not even a day old and very sick. This was a VERY SPECIAL time for Jacob to be with his only remaining Great Grandmother. Just precious!

Biggie and Jacob...such a great picture of both of them.
Aunt Vonnie and Jacob with "Mr Crazy Legs" the giraffe.

Jon seems to be laughing at all the adults trying to make Jacob smile. It didn't quite work this time.

Jacob fell asleep with his Aunt Jenny. How sweet!

Here's a picture of the Tuley Tribe on the last day of the trip. (Minus Aunt Vonnie). Jacob is staring at the fan...

Of course, did you expect the Tuleys to get together and NOT have Cardinal stuff??? Here's Jacob in his Cardinals outfit. Go Pujols, Go Cardinals!

It was a wonderful weekend. Jacob did great and we had no trouble at all! As nervous as we were about leaving home, it showed us just how strong Jacob really is... We are so blessed!

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a wonderful week! God is faithful...


  1. I am so happy you had such a wonderful Labor Day Weekend Hey, Jacob could get "Entertainer of the Year! The pictures are precious. Love to all of you!

  2. Ha Ha! I got a kick out of the pics. Jacob looks so great, especially in his cardinal outfit. You take such great pics, and Jackson looked comfy on Dads shoulder,Ha! See you soon!

  3. Love the pics! Too cute:-) I am so glad you all had a fabulous family weekend and it was great to talk to you today. Love you guys!

  4. Sept. 10, 2008 Overwhelming Sadness!
    Sept. 10, 2009 Overwhelming Joy!
    Gramma/or what ever name Jacob names me

  5. We were there too!!! Too bad we didn't run into each other. Glad you guys were able to get away and enjoy the weekend

  6. Hadn't seen all these loving relatives since Jacob's birth day when all was uncertain...Praise God for the joy of this re-union celebrating Jacob! I am blessed to see these photos and to be reminded of God's greatness and how He's showing it through Jacob. So happy for all of you!!