Friday, September 25, 2009

PB and GJ

No...that title does not mean Peanut Butter and Grape means....Papa Bear and Gramma Jo. That's right! Jacob had a visit from his Papa Bear and Gramma Jo and fun was had by all. Aside from having doctors appointments and therapy sessions everyday...Jacob got to show off some new skills and entertain his PB and GJ. Here's a few pictures of the week. Enjoy!

This was Jacob's Saturday attire (thanks Gran-Chap Daddy and Gramma Tuley). Whooo...Pig Sooie. Even though the Razorbacks lost the game on Saturday, Jacob had a great time "making touchdowns, passing, and running the ball" with Papa Bear.

PB helping Jacob with his sitting. He's so close. Just a few more weeks of practice. I'm sure of it!

Gramma Jo (don't hate me for posting this pic...) and Jacob in the morning. GJ was singing to Jacob and he fell fast asleep on her shoulder.

Hanging out!

So cute...lunch at Calypso Cafe in Nashville. Yummy! Also, Jacob's first time in a "Restaurant High Chair." Don't worry, it was highly sanitized!

Daddy and Jacob playing on the floor. Jacob just adores his daddy. Anytime Jeff comes home or plays with Jacob, the two of them light up. It's hard to tell, but Jacob is wearing a "Harley Davidson" onsie. Any guess who bought him that????? What a fun time!

"OH............Jacob loves papa bear, Jacob loves Gramma Jo, Jacob loves daddy, and he loves his mommy too." (A Papa Bear original song)

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a blessed day! God is able...

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  1. Precious!!! Thanks for sharing. What a blessing it is to see all the people who love Jacob so much and are blessed by him daily!