Sunday, August 30, 2009


Nap times at the Tuley house can be pretty silly sometimes. We have been putting Jacob in his crib and letting him fall asleep/wake-up on his own. Not that we don't "LOVE" to rock him to sleep...but whenever we do rock him now, he will fall asleep and as soon as we put him in the crib he wakes up, without fail. Anyhow...when we put J down for a nap we put him on a monitor that checks his saturation levels (the amount of 02 in his blood). We attach it to his foot. He usually falls asleep pretty quickly. But, once he wakes up, J has been into kicking his feet non-stop. He has realized that if he kicks his feet enough, the sat monitor will alarm and send us scrambling into the room. We will come into the room and find his legs still and him looking up at the monitor. Ha, what a character!

Here are a few pictures of Jacob as I found him this week after he'd woken up from his naps. In the first picture he was pulling on the cord to the sat. monitor, and in the second pic he had scooted himself off the boppy completely and was so proud. (Yes we let him fall asleep in the boppy sometimes, only because we have the sat monitor and it will tell us if something goes wrong...)

Lastly, I will leave you with this picture taken of Jacob on his 7 month birthday (August 26th). Yes, he's already 7 months, WOW! He is able to roll himself up on his side...but just won't go the last little bit and roll over onto his tummy. What a stinker! you see who's holding the pacifier???? :)

Our preacher did a great sermon this morning. He reminded us that in the storms of our lives that God has, and always will be, fighting through those for us. We need only to be still. This brought back so many memories, good and bad, of Jacob's fight for his life and how much we relied on God in that time. Tears came easily for me this morning as I was reminded of how Great our God was to us. May we always Praise God for what was done in Jacob!

Thanks for checking in with us. Hope you have a blessed week.


  1. What a little stinker. But then I've heard that about boys!! And are't we glad to witness all of this, praise God!! thinkin of you: luv Mom

  2. Gotta love that "up to no good" smile! And, boy is he smart to figure out how to set the sat monitor off so you will come running! Better watch out for him!!! It continues to be such a joy to watch Jacob! Thank you for always sharing his story!
    Jessica Cook