Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beautiful...Something to Pray for...

The weather in Nashville was SO BEAUTIFUL today that we decided to take the "kids" outside while we washed the cars. As you can see from the pictures, they had a great time!Jacob loved feeling the breeze on his face, looking at the tree above him, and watching his toys swing as he hit them over and over. Jackson seemed to really enjoy eating the grass and watching us as we cleaned the cars.
You can see Jackson eating grass and Jacob kicking his feet.
This is Jacob's face when he hits his hanging toys. He's so proud of himself.

Too Cool...

Just hangin' out...

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a blessed week!
Something to pray for...We have to give Jacob two shots every day. One in the morning and one at night. When he was in the NICU he had a central line (most babies do) and because of that line, Jacob formed a clot in a major vein. We have been on Lovenox, a blood thinner, since they found the clots in the NICU and have had to continue giving these to him daily. It's not fun for Jacob (or us, since we are the ones administering the shot). We go back to the doctor on September 16th to do an ultrasound to find out if the clot is still there. If the clot is still there, then we have to continue the shots for 3 more months. If the clot is gone, then we can stop giving him the shots. PLEASE pray that Jacob's vein is CLOT FREE so that he doesn't have to continue this medication. Thanks so much!


  1. Poor Jacob. I can feel his pain. I had to take those 2x/day for a while there and they were horrible!!! I iced the injection site for 10 minutes beforehand and I still whined like a baby every time! I will be sure to add that request to the list. :)

  2. He is the cutest thing ever! I could just kiss all over that double chin!! :) Poor baby about the shots . . . we'll be praying!

  3. Jacob's smile can just melt your heart! What a sweet precious baby boy he is! We will certainly be praying that he can stop the Lovenox injections and that the clot issue is resolved. (I had to give myself heparin injections every 8 hours during my 3 pregnancies...I too know what it is like to hate those little needles and at the same time feel grateful the medication is there to use!) You continue to be in our prayers!

  4. Oh my goodness...Have I mentioned your son's smile just melts my heart!! He is just sooo cute!! I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you guys and praying Jacob gets better every day!! Thanks for the update on what to pray for....I'm all over it ;) Can't wait to hear how it goes and keep seeing more pictures of your beautiful baby boy!! What a BLESSING he is! Just perfect!

  5. Poor baby...prayers for no more clots!
    He is so adorable!
    I was so so excited to find your blog last night. I had lots of extra time since my night nurse called in sick and was able to read your story. Our boys are just a few days apart. I am excited to follow Jacob's progress! take care- Devon

  6. So glad to hear about Jacob's progress. John and I pray for him daily. Hopefully, he will be done with the shots soon. Jacob is a cutie. Love all that hair. He looks so grown up in the pictures.