Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Toy and some "High Flyin" Fun

Many of you have been asking..."How does Jackson do with Jacob?" Well, this picture could give you an answer. He's doing great! The germ phobe in me cleaned him off after taking the picture...but you get the idea. Most of the day Jackson lays somewhere near Jacob and me, then occasionally he sniffs him too. When Jacob is napping and wakes up crying or needing his paci, Jackson's ears perk up and he looks at me, like, "What are you going to do, Mom?" and we both go into the room to check on Jacob. Of course Jackson makes it there before I do, but at least the crib is high enough so Jackson can't reach. Ha Ha Ha!

This is the NEW TOY. Thank you Sheri and Jackie for the Baby Einstein Jumper...it's great! Jacob can sit in it (with lots of blankets wrapped around him) and enjoy the flashing lights and bright colors. When he gets older, he'll be able to move himself around and actually "jump" more. Although, he did enjoy it enough to get worn out!
This is how he started out in the jumper.
Then he went to this...

Within about 10 minutes he looked like this! Quite the progression...
Some of you may not know this, but Jeff actually built the helicopter in this picture. He did it in the months before Jacob was born. We took it out for some high flyin fun on Sunday.
Jeff's brother Jon, and his wife Jenny (Buh and Benny) came up for the weekend to spend some time with Jacob. They played with him and were all smiles all weekend.
Jacob loved being held by his Uncle Buh!
Aunt Benny (Jenny) was so happy...this was her first time to hold Jacob. What a treat for Jacob!
This is Jacob enjoying some tummy time on the floor. Usually he doesn't like being on his tummy and cries until you turn him over. But, this was one time when he didn't seem to mind. His little train book helped distract him maybe. :)

Please continue to pray, as so many of you are, for Jacob's progress. At the doctor's office today Jacob weighed a whopping 13 pounds 3 ounces. He's still in the 10th percentile, but gaining. Doctors have said that he will grow more lung tissue within the first 8 years of his life and Jacob could be breathing normally in a year. That was great news for us! Developmentally he still needs to get stronger, but he's not too far behind. Thanks for checking in on us.

Many blessings to you!


  1. Julie and Jeff, I am not sure how I actually began to follow your blog other than maybe a prayer request that came from our church through email. I have always made it a point to read your blog sometime during the week. I can truly say that I have blessed by your story and your families faith in God. I will continue to pray for Jacob (what a precious angel) and his beautiful parents (Jackson, too!)and especially for Jacob's growth and progress. I feel certain that your family will be richly blessed by our Wonderful Lord & Saviour and your story will be encouragement for those going through the trials you have conquered. God Bless ~ Johnna Hermitage, TN

  2. is it possible that jacob gets cuter every day?!? i'm so glad he's doing well! he looks great! it looks like the bouncer is a great way to get him to sleep for now! just wait until you have to chase him around the house!

  3. looks like you are all doing well!!! we are looking forward to the day we can meet sweet Jacob!!! He is beautiful and in the picture when he looks very studious with his head propped up on his hands...like his mama.

  4. I'm so happy to see how well Jacob is doing! Thanks for sharing the latest. Looking forward to meeting him in person one day (hopefully soon) :-)

  5. Oh my goodness, I can't stand the level of cuteness in these pictures! We're celebrating with you and continuing to believe that God will finish the great work that he started. Go Jacob!
    David and Jennifer

  6. I continue to praise God for this incredible symbol of life! You all are my heroes!