Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving on up...

Thank you for the prayers, calls, texts, and emails voicing concerns about Jacob. He has made great progress in the past day. They put him on nasal cannula yesterday morning and have been weening his oxygen. He is currently on 1 liter of O2 and about to go to a half liter. He has been getting full feeds for about 36 hours and his saturation levels and breathing rates have all been stable. He snuggled with Julie this morning and fell asleep while being rocked in a glider. He's been giving out smiles, and playing with a few toys we brought from home. We have orders from the doctors to move from the PICU to a regular room (one with a bathroom and shower, thank goodness!) and as soon as a room is available we will be moved upstairs to "the floor." Apparently, they call the regular rooms, "The Floor" here are VCH. We've been here so much that we're learning the lingo! Jacob needs to come off oxygen and finish some antibiotics before we can head back home.

Basically, Jacob's lungs just needed some help while his body fought off the infection. Once he gets stronger and older we shouldn't have to be hospitalized when he gets sick. I guess no matter how careful we are being at home, he is still so susceptible to illness. Thanks for checking in on us.

Here's a picture of Jacob asleep on the boppy on Julie's lap this morning. He was so content!


  1. Have been lifting you up in prayer. So glad to hear he is doing better. He is so cute!!
    God Bless!!

    (Kristy Mallory's friend)

  2. Prayers for all of you. Gayle Crowe

  3. Julie, It was so great seeing you at Michaels a couple weeks ago. Lucy was so excited. She called her cousin as soon as we got to the car. We rejoiced all evening as we thought about God's great work with Jacob and his family. We will keep him and you all in our prayers. I'm so glad to have found your blogspot again -- this time I will bookmark it!
    Amy Knowles