Monday, June 15, 2009

Going home again!

Well, it looks like we're going home...but this time we will have oxygen. Jacob's pulmonary hypertension increased enough that he just can't keep his saturation levels high enough on his own right now. We don't know how long Jacob will need the extra O2, but as long as we get to go home, we're okay with a little oxygen to help him recover. They also have increased one of his medicines to help with his pulmonary hypertension. Maybe between those two things he can be back to normal. It may be a couple months, or it may be longer. Jacob will lead the way, he always has!

Please continue to pray that Jacob will be able to wean off the oxygen when we are home and we can get him back to breathing room air again soon.

Here's a picture of our little man last night after a bath. He had WILD HAIR and has some chunky cheeks! He's a whopping 14 pounds! WOW!


  1. Really happy you are getting to go home. Little Jacob is just adorable. Will keep praying for him to get back to breathing on his own again soon!! God Bless!!


  2. hooray for going home! prayers for breathing on own soon.

  3. Great news!! What a big boy. Jacob is in my prayers!
    Denise Bratton

  4. He is the cutest thing ever! I'm glad you are getting to go home . . . we will be praying for him to come off of his oxygen!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that we have followed your blog for a while now. Or friends Brooke and Eric O'Dell told us about your sweet baby Jacob while you were still pregnant. We still pray for your little guy every night. We are sad about Jacobs little "set back" but its sounds like he is doing lots better! God Bless!
    -Natalie, Shane & Madelyn Ivey

  6. Hang in there, Jacob, Jeff and Julie. As you know, With God, All things are possible.

    Melinda Knott

  7. Way to go Jacob! I am so thankful that you get to go home! I am still praying for you to get stronger. Go Jacob Go!

  8. I'm sure it's a little diappointing to have to stay on the O2 but you seem to have good attitudes about it! He is so adorable! It is such a blessing to know he is strong enough to go home and we will continue to pray that he becomes stronger each day!

  9. We are also praying for you guys and Jacob. I know your road has been tough...but I also know that you have had some incredible highs along the way as well. It was a pleasure to talk to you guys along the way while at Vanderbilt. Keep the faith...lives will be changed by your devotion to Christ!

    In Christ,

    Your old neighbors in Pod-G (Bryan, Hilary, Micah and Kaydence)