Monday, June 10, 2013

St. Louis!

Last weekend we took a little jaunt to St Louis. The reason we went there was to attend a CDH night at the Cardinals game.  Since we were up there for the game, we also decided to go to the St. Louis Zoo and eat at Mike Shannon's for late lunch before our evening game. Chappy and Agga came too, and we had a fun weekend together!  

Here we are in downtown with the Gateway Arch in the background. 

Jacob and Daddy were checking out the zoo map to figure out where we were going. Jacob was a great Zoo guide!

Jacob enjoyed all the primates, but got a painting done by "Juma!"

This is how Elizabeth spent most of her Zoo time...

Jacob with the hippos. What a great hippo exhibit!  I loved seeing them under the water!

Everyone on the train riding around the zoo. So fun!

Here we are at the Cardinals game with our turquoise ribbons for CDH. We met some neat families that had all been through CDH with their little ones. Miracles were all around us!

Elizabeth was dressed and ready to cheer on the Cardinals!  I promise, she was happy!  Ha!  She fell asleep quickly after this pic was taken!  :)

Such a great picture!

The night ended with fireworks at Busch Stadium. What a great end to a marvelous day!

I was so impressed with how well both Jacob and Elizabeth did that day. Elizabeth only napped off and on, and both kids were so flexible and easy going all day!  Awesome!  What fun memories!

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