Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Months!

Beautiful Elizabeth!
You are growing and changing so fast these days!  It seemed like only days passed after you learned to crawl and you were pulling up to  So fast!  You are getting into everything!  I have to tell Jacob all the time not to leave little things on the floor because they end up in your mouth!  Agh!  The other day we found you eating a clothes tag...who knows how long you had been eating it, but the whole thing was in your mouth.  There's no telling what you've picked up and eaten without us knowing.  (Did I just admit that...yes I did!)
As I was saying, you are pulling up on everything and so proud of yourself!  You are letting go with one hand and trying to figure out how to land without completely crashing to the floor every time.  :)  You have learned to wave and recently mastered clapping.  Every time we say. "Yay!" you put your hands together and start to clap.  It's so precious.  You play games with us too.  I give you a toy, you give it back to me and clap.  In the car, you toss your doll out of your seat and Jacob throws it back to you.  You both giggle, and it starts all over again.  It's fun to watch you play together.  Tonight you started chasing Jacob around the room and he noticed.  So he would run to another room, and you would crawl as fast as you could after him.  Many giggles were exchanged.  Too cute! You are also beginning to shake your head, "No" and fuss at Jacob if he is bothering you.  *which never happens (sarcasm, folks)*
You are mimicking sounds and motions a lot, and just this morning I shrugged my shoulders at you and you did it back.  We played that game for a while also...  :)  Your giggles are contagious, and we ALL love to make you laugh.   You provide so much joy around here!
You are eating so many new've had popcorn and loved it.  You've eaten a couple of French fries when we forgot to bring your food with us, mashed black beans, cut up green beans and fed yourself some mac-n-cheese.  You will eat ANYTHING sweet, like ice cream and cake and frosting... (mommy had a birthday last week)  Yummy!
You have recently earned two more on the bottom and one on the top.  Whew, that top one was rough.  But for the most part, you handle it well.  You love to entertain yourself with boxes of toys and crawling around, under, through, and in anything.  So Big!
You are just wonderful...and we love you more and more each day!




  1. SO sweet! She is getting so big! I can't wait to see you all again...hopefully soon, when MIss Kathryn arrives! Love you!

  2. Julie, she is SOOO cute! It's so cool that both of ours are so similar in age! all those things you said about Elizabeth are pretty true for Bela too, even the part about "who knows what she's eaten off of the floor and we never know about it." Shoot, I celebrate the fact that she has a strong immune system now by letting her eat off the floor! yes, I just did admit that too. So glad that you're all doing so well! Blessings