Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Jeff and I both decided that it would be a good idea to do some swim lessons for Jacob.  Swimming was always a big part of my childhood, and Jacob loves the water, so off we went!  I think we will be taking some lessons for the next few summers until he is really confident in the water!  Here's some pictures of our little "swimmer."

Ready to leave the house for Swim Lessons!

Day 1, Jacob was a little worried that Mommy and Daddy weren't able to be with him.  Really, most of the other kids were crying and he just joined in! 

Jacob is sitting on the edge of the pool close to the diving board.  They learned to jump in, roll over and float on their back.

A picture of Jacob floating on his back in the deep end!
Hopefully after a few more summers of practice, he will be swimming right along with Phelps and Lochte!  :) 

Speaking of Olympic Swimming...The trials have been on the past few nights and Jacob has been really interested in what they are doing.  When we told him they were swimming, he had a big smile on his face.

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