Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day 2012

Since Jacob LOVES American Flags, we decided to celebrate Flag Day.  June 14th is the day the American Flag was adopted as a symbol of the United States.  Let's just say that when you check out Flag books from the library, there's lots of information about flags that can be learned!  :)

To start the day, we had pancakes with red white and blue sprinkles and an American Flag toothpick.  Oh how I WISHED we'd gotten a video when he saw his breakfast this morning...oh well.  It was pure joy!

Here's Jacob saying, "Dude, How Cool!"  This is the new phrase, except it sounds more like "du" instead of dude. 

We even "decorated" the table with his flags.  More like, I just stuck the flags into a vase with rocks in it so they would stand up.  :)  But he LOVED it!  And that's all that matters!

He wore his USA shirt and took his American Flag everywhere we went today.  We even had an "American" lunch of burgers and fries at Five Guys.

We made Flag Day cupcakes and gave them out to some friends.  Jacob did all the sprinkles and all the flags on the cupcakes.  So fun!

Such a proud boy with his Flag cupcakes!

So, for those of you that always wished you could celebrate Flag Day...this is your post! 


  1. Love the sweetness on Jacob's face! He looks so happy! Happy Flag Day:)

  2. I thought of Jacob today because I knew it was Flag day! We celebrated a mans life who served in the Army and lived to be almost 90. It was a beautiful celebration. Everything was decorated red white and blue. Very fitting! Love your Smile Jacob! I miss you, love Gjo!