Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I stole this title from another blog that I follow...  The mom posts funny things that her child has been saying lately.  I think it's a great way to document some of the things that Jacob has been "coming up with" now that he is talking so much more. 

He LOVES American flags, so when he waves the flag around, he often says, "I attire American Flag"  which we think means I retire the American Flag.  We think Uncle Biggie taught him that?

When we are in the car driving around town, he will often find American Flags and point them out to us as we pass them.  He knows where many of them are located along our normal routes, so the other day, he said, "Oh, there's one.  There's American Flag.  I find them eveywhere."  Ha! 

He likes to put his American Flag on his "bedpost."  He doesn't have a bedpost, so we did the best we could and placed it between his matress and the toddler rail.  Also, we were not exactly sure what that meant until recently.  We were driving in the car and he pointed to a flagpole and said "There's a bedpost, but where's the flag."  We realized that somehow he was confusing the two words, flagpole and bedpost.  So glad that's cleared up!  Ha!  Here's a picture of Jacob with his flag on his "bedpost."

At the McDonalds close to our house, there's three flags on poles.  He points them out every time and will say, "There's American Flag, Tennessee Flag, and McDonalds Flag.  That's silly."  Apparently he thinks that McDonalds doesn't need a flag of their own.  :)
When we sit down for dinner, he will point to the food and say, "this is not too bad." Ha!  So far, he's never said that anything was bad...he's one smart boy!  :)

The other day I asked Jeff if he wanted salad or broccoli with dinner.  Jeff said he wanted broccoli.  Then Jacob chimed in and said, "I want salad, actually.  Yeah, actually, I want salad."  I love that he used "actually" correctly in his sentence. 
We have told Jacob that when he cleans his plate at meals that he is part of the clean plate club.  Apparently he got it mixed up with the fact that Mommy is in a book club, so now anytime he eats everything on his plate he says, "I in the whole plate book club!"  So funny!

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