Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is put up decorations!  This year Jacob has really started to "understand" Christmas and notice all the lights, ornaments, and espeically Santa.  ;)

What a precious smile while hanging ornaments!

Daddy made homemade hot chocolate for us to have a decorating break.  It was yummy!

Of course we have MORE than one tree in the house!!!!
This is the real tree after it's all decorated!  Yay!

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, LOTS of it!  I finally made our stockings!  I've had the material and supplies for over 2 years but just got around to putting them together.  I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.  I was able to embroider our names and also the snowflakes on mine, the stars on Jacob's, and the decorations on Jeff's.

We finished the tree in the evening, so the next day it was time to put the lights on the house!  Jacob wanted to help Daddy with the lights.  Mostly he just wanted to be on the ladder.  :)

Jacob was checking all the sticks in the yard while we were putting lights on the house.

This is what Jacob's hair looked like when I pulled the hat off!  Ha!

More sticks!

Once it was dark I grabbed a picture of our lights!  So pretty!

 Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Love all the lights and your trees are pretty too!:)