Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Lots of Pictures!)

Christmas was spent with the Tuley Family in Atlanta this year.  It was a memorable one!  What we enjoyed most this year was getting to enjoy the reactions Jacob had to the gifts from Santa.  What fun! 

The Tuley Family (minus Biggie)

Watching the train go around the tree and the presents!

Opening one of his "Days of Christmas" presents.  This one was a Buzz and Woody ornament for the tree.


Uncle Buh took Daddy and Jacob to a train museum!  How fun!

What do I do to make it go?

 Christmas Eve...
We had a brunch at J.Christopher's, took family pictures, discovered Jacob's park, and made a Gingerbread House....

GiGi was there too!

Opening another "Days of Christmas" present.  Coordinating Peanuts characters playing Christmas music.  One of the "hits" of Christmas.

Christmas Eve brunch at J. Christopher's.  Jacob is sorting all the jellies.  Ha!

Running with Agga down the ramp!

The little bench! 

After brunch, Santa came to check on the quality of "Jacob's park..."

This is Jacob yelling, "It's Santa" as he watches from the deck...

Jacob's park

So precious!

Ready to go down the slide!

Running along the wobbly bridge...

Swinging with Uncle Buh and learning to pump his legs!

Christmas Eve...making a Gingerbread House.  Jacob is hard at work.  Ha!

Opening and closing the door...

You always have to eat some of the candy...

Jacob decided to put the candy IN the house instead of ON the house.  It was pretty funny!

Then...the inside of the house began to cave in...  We were all very sad.

But, we made a tree and that made it all better!

Jacob and Agga with the finished product.  A beautiful cookie tree and a non earthquake proof Gingerbread House!  :)  It was just perfect!
 Christmas Morning... 

Jacob woke up and was made to wait at the top of the stairs until all was ready.  As he walked into the living room, he discovered that Santa had brought him JUST what he asked for...a ROBOT and a CANDY CANE.  His reaction was about what we expected; calm, collected, and observant.  But once he realized his robot was able to be played with, it was all smiles!

Since Uncle Biggie was coming in later that day, we decided to Face Time with him so he could be there with us on Christmas morning.  Here's Jacob showing Uncle Biggie his robot.

Jacob opened the Airplane from Uncle Biggie.

We got ready and went to church on Christmas morning, then opened some more gifts later in the day.  Here's Jacob and Mommy reading his new Biscuit books.

Opening presents...

Chappy, being silly! 

When Biggie arrived we opened the rest of the presents and enjoyed our toys!

A great picture of Agga, Biggie, and Misty.

GiGi and Aunt Vonnie

Uncle Buh and Aunt Jenny

We even had a giant fish swimming around the living room!  Ha!

We are always mindful of the gift God gave us in Jacob, but we are especially mindful in this season of the gift God gave us through Jesus Christ. It is a season of giving, remembering, and sharing. We praise God for allowing us to be Jacob's parents and that we can raise him to know that God that saved him in the beginning of his life, and saves us all through Jesus.

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