Friday, September 2, 2011

It's the Simple Things...

Jacob has always enjoyed books, but lately, his love of books has transferred from us reading them to him, to his "independent" reading. His favorites include, Go Dog Go and Hooray for Henry. Every other week we go to the library and pick out new books, and after reading them together a few times, he knows the jist of the pages. And so, many times during the day we will find him sitting in the rocking chair reading his "wi-berry" books, even during naptime. I have to admit, that as a former elementary school teacher, hearing him read is music to my ears!!!

Saying, "The End!"

Another one of Jacob's new found "loves" is beads! He asks multiple times a day to "play beads." I bought this box of beads from our church sale (another $3 find) and he will play for a least 15-20 minutes independently with these beads! For a 2 year old, I think he's got absolutely wonderful fine motor skills (whoever thought we needed occupational therapy, HA!). Often, when he has put a few beads on the string, he will call out to me, "Mommy, Look! Tall it is!" Then he proceeds to bring the string to me, holding it by the end, way up in the air. He is so proud, even when it's only two beads! Ha!

The teacher in me will sit down with him and talk about patterns, shapes and colors, and large and small, and will often sound like an open thesaurus as I use words like enormous, gigantic, or miniature, and tiny for their more simple word counterparts.

It is in these everyday, simple activities, that I am reminded of how much joy I receive in being a part of each day with Jacob. I realize that right now, Jacob wants me to be doing everything with him, and it may not always be that way. For now, not one hour goes by that he is not calling out to me in some form or fashion. I hear my name (Mommy) and, as his parent, gladly participate in his life with him. I think about how much God delights in us, and when we come to Him and ask Him to join with us in our everyday, simple activities, just how much Joy that brings Him! Imagine how my life would be upwardly focused if I relied on Him every hour of every day and asked Him to participate with's convicting, I know!


  1. You know Julie: the mere fact that you can make that kind of reflection is pleasing to me as your parent too! May God continue to bless your family as you give Him all the credit. Thank You Jesus!