Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

This year Thanksgiving was spent with the Tuley family in Atlanta. What a special time we all had together! We have SO much to be thankful for in our life; Jacob, family, friends, shelter, safety, and the list could continue. God has blessed us with so much and so we give thanks.

Here are some pictures from our week. Enjoy!

When we travel, we try to plan the driving time around Jacob's nap times, even though he rarely falls asleep for long periods in the car. However, this time he slept for at least an hour each way. Yay!

Even Jackson got to sleep in the car too!

This is what the Ladies were doing...spending time in the kitchen preparing all the yummy food. It was so fun! Notice our cute aprons? You'll see why we needed those a little later... :)

Julie and GiGi getting things ready! I was in charge of the green bean casserole and hashbrown casserole...GiGi did the sweet potatoes.

This is what the boys did while the girls were in the kitchen! Ha! This picture is so cute!

All the dogs meeting together outside! They had fun too!

Putting together the candy bags for the children on Thanksgiving day at the Union Mission-My Sister's House.

Thanksgiving lunch is SERVED!!! Green bean casserole, cornbread dressing, hashbrown casserole, sweet potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce, and spinich casserole. YUM!

Jacob's plate for Turkey day. He LOVED most everything, but ate two helpings of the sweet potatoes.

Jacob...did you miss some spinich there?

The "after eating" face! Ha!

Here's the whole gang in our matching aprons (Jacob had a shirt) made by Gramma, ready to serve. Around 4, we headed down to the Union Mission in Atlanta to serve dinner to the women that live in My Sister's House shelter. It's a wonderful place where homeless women and children can find shelter and rebuild their lives. This is the same place we served two years ago before Jacob was born. What a joy it was to be able to bring him back and witness him serving with us.

Here's Jacob and Jeff giving out the candy bags to the children at the shelter.

The rest of the week was spent watching movies, watching football, and hanging out together. We had a good time. Of course, Jacob decided that he needed to drive Uncle Biggie's sporty BMW. How cute!

Thanks for checking in with us! Have a wonderful week. Stay tuned for a funny video...

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  1. Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving Together. Brfore you know it Jacob will be driving, Ha Ha.

    See you soon
    Papa Bear