Friday, November 12, 2010

Pics from my phone

So...I love having a phone that takes pictures and video...because it allows those candid moments to really come out. Often, I just grab my phone and take pictures rather than getting out the camera. It's just so easy. So, here's some pictures that have finally been uploaded to the computer from my phone. Family members have probably seen these because we've either sent them via text or email. Nevertheless, here's some "behind the scenes" footage of the big guy!

BED HEAD! Jacob woke up from one of his naps looking like THIS! I promise, I did not style it this way. It must have been a GREAT nap!

Jacob and Jackson playing together. Jacob loves to lay all over Jackson...they really are the best of friends. I'll try to get a video of the two of them running/chasing each other around the house. It's the cutest!

I snapped this picture a while ago to send to Uncle Biggie. It's Jacob's Delta Airlines shirt. I am not sure why Jacob's hair is flipped out, and why his chin is sticking way out, but he was so excited to show me his shirt!

"Do I have visitors coming?"

Ahh....this is Jacob's latest pasttime....He loves to take his cans of Pediasure out of the box and organize and stack them on the table. Then he puts them back in the box, and out again, and back again, and get the picture?

Update: We had great check-ups with the GI and Pulmonary Docs this week. Both said they are not going to need to see Jacob anymore, except on an "as needed" basis. This is awesome! We are slowly checking doctors off our list. And.....more great news.....drumroll please......Jacob is officially medicine FREE!!!!!!! For the first time in his life, he does not have to take any medication, for any reason. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Jacob, Go!

Thanks for checking in with us today. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Way to go Jacob!!! He is so cute. Every time I read your blog it just makes me smile. I know he only gets stronger everyday.

  2. No meds!!! How wonderful! And less doctor's visits! So wonderful, too! Jacob is such an inspiration to me- he gives me great hope. Thanking God for this good news with you.

    Bekah Gannon

  3. Still check your blog often and rejoice in Jacob's progress. No meds is a huge step. He is one precious little boy with very special parents. Pray God will continue to bless the Tuley family. Sincerely, Barbara Jones