Saturday, July 17, 2010

A week with Jacob...

So...we've actually done a decent job documenting things that Jacob has done this week... I've been trying to take better pictures and show just how grown up our "big guy" is getting. We can't believe that 18 months is just around the corner. Where does the time go???
This week we had our usual therapy sessions, but we managed to have some fun intermixed with all the "work" that we have to do. So here's the fun stuff...
This is a video of Jacob's "speedy" crawl. He can really move!!!

On Thursday we had Wrigley and Finley over for a few hours and managed to completely wreak havoc in the living room. But, all is well, it took about 5 minutes to put it back together. This is what Jacob decided to play with for all of 30 seconds...He's all over the place lately. Into everything. I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

This is Wrigley teaching Jacob how to use the piano. Finley is watching in the distance.

Looks like Finley is on his way to the door. He's making his way out...while Jacob is still trying to figure out who these kids are and why they're playing with his toys. :)

GG got Jacob this "big wheel" the last time we were in Atlanta. Jacob doesn't know how to push the pedals, but he rides around pretty well. He was having a good time with Daddy!

"See Jacob, you have to put your feet up here on the foot stand." He kept his feet up for a while, then put on the brakes!

Jacob riding the "Big Wheel!"

In the last post we told you how Jacob loves to get to the computer, so we put his out on the table for him to play with. Funny!

He got tired of the computer and decided to head over to the other toys...

...when he was done with the toys it was off to the kitchen for some "spinning" around....this takes some SERIOUS skills people!!!

And then...he went back to the computer...

Jacob can do all the hand motions to "If you're happy and you know it" when prompted...kinda cute. This one's long and only for the "MOST DEDICATED" readers. :) Hee Hee.

These are visors that Gramma Tuley got for Jacob...

...this is what we decided to do with them... :)

Most nights this is how Jacob and "Pup-Pup" play. They really love each other!

Jacob stands at his bedroom window and looks out at the birds...that's he and Jackson's favorite pasttime...

Uncle Biggie called us and said that he was coming through and wondered if we would meet him at the airport. Today he flew from Atlanta to our hometown, then flies to Cancun and back to our hometown, stays the night, and then off to another place tomorrow. We're meeting him for dinner tonight too! How fun! It's always great to see Uncle Biggie!

After meeting Uncle Biggie, we headed to the downtown library for a family "puppet" show. There were no puppets this was more like a play. Jacob thought the people dressed up in character were interesting... this picture makes me laugh. He did have a good time...promise.
This is a picture of the inside of the puppet theater...Jeff is holding Jacob in his lap...

during the show...

We're having a great time spending time together as a family. Praise God that he brought us this far! What a Miracle!


  1. Love the post! Almost like being there. How wonderful to "watch" all the ordinary family fun. Praising God for ordinary things!!!

  2. these pictures made me smile!! He crawls so fast and is doing it the right way! Camden drags his left leg LOL!
    He is so cute and it is so good to see how well he is doing!! Go Jacob!

  3. so much fun and so much going on!!! he is beautiful. i love his smile!!!

  4. One of the first things I do when I sign into my computer is check out what's new with Jacob. Thank you so much for keeping everyone posted. This is such a gift every time I see something new. It's God's gift to everyone, most especially you and Jeff.