Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Little "Love" and a Little Dancin'

Isn't that the sweetest picture you've ever seen? This is how Jacob and Jackson like to "hug" or "give him love" as we call it. I will tell Jacob to hug Jackson (AKA: pup-pup), and Jacob will get down on the floor and lay on top of him. So sweet. Although Jackson doesn't seem to think it's so fun in this picture. His eyes are saying, "Help me..." :)

This is what Jacob's face looks like when he's about to go for the computer keys. I wonder what he's thinking??? He loves climbing over to the table, standing up, and reaching for the computer. Think he takes after Jeff???? ;) We've had to move the computer to the middle of the table just so he can't reach it. Soon enough he's going to be learning how to climb on top of the chair and table to get to it.... :)

This is a GEM of a video. I love to play music around the house and usually Jacob dances with his hands (take a look at the second video for that), but this time he was dancing like this....

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a fun filled, dancin' day!


  1. We love the dancing videos! He has got some moves!

  2. How do you ever get anything done...I would just be dancing and playing with Jacob all day. What a blessing.

  3. I love the picture where he looks like he is up to something! I'd love to know what's going on in his mind :)

    P.S. We are back to blogging now, but just not using our real names. Hope to stop by to visit and add us to your list.