Sunday, June 13, 2010


This is what our life looks like now-a-days. We're watching Jacob as he crawls around everywhere, getting the ball to throw it to Jackson, etc. If he's not crawling, he's pulling up on the furniture, cruising around it to get to what he wants, and sitting back down again to be on the move once again. He can "walk" with assistance, but lacks the core strength to balance enough and have confidence to take any first steps. But they're on their way, that's for sure! :) He is always on the move, and we wouldn't have it any other way. However, it sure makes it hard to get pictures of the little (big) guy.

So...since we don't have many pictures of him, we'll show you some pictures of the hydrangeas that we cut from our yard this year. This has been the best year for our plants. We're enjoying them, that's for sure.

Sorry that we don't have more to update...stay tuned though, cause Jacob and Mommy are going to Atlanta this week (daddy will meet us later) to spend some time with family. Pray that Jacob stays healthy, since we'll be away from the doctors that are familiar with him. Thanks for checking in with us. Have a blessed day!


  1. Have fun in Atlanta!!! Can't wait to see you and catch up when you return:-) Love you guys!
    Jackie and Mike

  2. He'll be up and around before you know it