Saturday, June 5, 2010

The next "new thing"

Didn't you know there's a new way to hold a pacifier? Yes, apparently, biting it with the sides of your mouth is the "new thing." Jacob is always "in the know" when it comes to style changes!
Hope this made you smile. Thanks for checking in with us. Have a smiley day and always be on the look out for the next "new thing!"


  1. 'Mr. Personality............'


  2. So cute... but I do have to tell you that Carson was doing this 2 weeks ago. It meant he was teething his molars. Look out!:)

  3. Julie, HELLO! I found your blog through Danielle Malone's blog and just had to say hello. Are you still in Nashville or have you moved out of town? I'm trying to get through your posts to catch up. If you're here, I'd love to get together. My daughter, Charlotte is close to Jacob's age and they could 'play'. Would love to discuss the kids, even if only via e-mail or phone. Excited to have found you!
    Anne (Runkle) Hamilton

  4. He definately makes me smile! He is the cutest little boy I know. Have a blessed day!