Monday, May 3, 2010

Outdoor Photoshoot

These are some pictures from a few days ago. They're really cute, although I had a really hard time getting Jacob to smile. He was too interested in the wind blowing through the trees and watching Jackson run around.
So far, Jacob has been doing really well without his oxygen. He's been satting well at night and his average sat is 97. Sometimes he's higher and sometimes he's lower, and he rarely falls below 94, except if he's crying. This is great! We've got a few more weeks before he goes in for an ECHO, and that will be the true test, to see if his pulmonary pressures are still normal without oxygen.

On another note, please keep us in your prayers. We will be taking Jacob to the Portland, OR area from May 13-17. I have a friend getting married, and my dad will be officiating the wedding. We're super excited to introduce Jacob to our friends and see PB and GJo, but we're also apprehensive about taking Jacob out of OUR comfort zone, so please be praying that Jacob stays healthy, happy, and does well during the trip. Thanks so much!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. good luck on your trip. i'll have you in my prayers. i hope you post pictures when you return.