Monday, May 24, 2010


This past weekend Uncle Biggie came up to visit...and if you know Uncle Biggie then you know airplanes are going to be involved somehow or someway! :) Jeff also has his pilot's license, but wanted to do some "refresher" flying with his brother (the Delta Pilot). So, for his birthday (which was Sunday) he and Uncle Biggie spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday flying around. You can tell by the smile on his face that he was indeed having a WONDERFUL time. On Sunday evening, Jacob and I met them at the airport and went for a flight too! Enjoy the pictures...

Jeff and Jacob at the airplane. Doesn't Jeff look happy? Meanwhile, Jacob is catching flies in his mouth!!!! :)

Jacob pressing the buttons and getting a "feel" for the plane.

"You mean I get to fly this thing? Spins, turns, and flips too?"

The boys getting ready for the flight. How fun!!!!!

Jeff getting Jacob into his seat in the plane.

"Give me that camera, Mama!"

In the back seat of the plane, ready to go!

The pilots are ready too.

Up, Up, and Away! A look at the runway from the sky!

Jacob wasn't too sure about the flying when we were up in the air. Not one tear was shed, but not one smile was given AT ALL either. Trust me, I tried to get one! He couldn't really look around with the headphones on either. I think he was just trying so hard to figure it all out, that he didn't have time to enjoy it. :) We, however, loved it!

Uh-oh! Where'd Jacob go??????

Oh...there he is. With Uncle Biggie in the front of the plane. Jeff was flying while we were taking pictures of this monumental flight! You can see the ground below in the back of the pic. Yes, we're in the air in this pic! :)

Jacob doing some flying and looking out the windows!

Take 1 at a group shot... (while in the air)
Take 2--wait a minute...who's flying the plane???? I believe it was a person by the name of "Auto Pilot!" :)
Jacob did so great during the flight and I was even able to get this half smile after we'd landed and while taxi-ing back to the hangar.Thanks for checking in with us. Thanks to Uncle Biggie for coming up to visit. It was a GREAT time! We hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I think the kid's Grandparents should buy him a plane. I think he would look great in a King Air F-90 or B-200 if you all need the room.

  2. dear anonymous--

    what a great idea! the he could go and visit them whenever he wanted. wonderful!

    --anonymous also

  3. What a dream come true for so many!! Another great memory for the family. What a blessing.

  4. Humm! Wonder who the anonymous posts are from? Sounds rather familiar! :o)