Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our week...

Isn't that the cutest picture of Jacob. These are the kind of smiles that we get all the time around the house. Jacob is pretty content and happy most of the time. In fact, when we left the NICU, one of the doctors told us Jacob has a great disposition and that most kids that have been through what Jacob has been through don't want to be bothered or touched and seem cranky alot. We are truly blessed. :) This week we decorated the Christmas Tree, did some shopping, and spent some time with addition to the normal routine of therapy appointments. :) It was a great week. Here's some pictures of our fun!

Jacob and Jackson with the Christmas tree. Jacob doesn't seem thrilled in the picture, but he does seem to like the lights. Also, somebody needs to talk to the photographer, because the tree was cut completely off. Hum...I wonder who would do that???? Maybe Jacob is thinking, "Mom, don't you know you're cutting off the top of the tree?"

This is Jacob helping me decorate the tree with his ornament. Last Christmas, before Jacob was born, Papa Bear and Gramma Jo gave us this train with Jacob's name on it. It was a way for us to celebrate his "first" Christmas and to always remember him. When we received the ornament it was bittersweet because it was special, but at that time Jacob's prognosis was not great, and we honestly did not think he would be around to put it on the tree himself one day.

This picture was taken after about 5 hours of Christmas shopping. Ha! He was so tired that he was twitching...or maybe that was because of all the shopping... Who knows???

The latest milestone that Jacob has been working on is standing. For SOOOOOOOOO long he did not put ANY pressure on his legs. When you would hold him up and try to get him to stand, his legs would just bend and he would fall to the ground. We have been working on this since we came home from the hospital and it's finally beginning to pay off. In the picture I am holding his bottom, because otherwise it sticks out and he'll fall. We are so proud of this progress...

Caution: Picture contains 2 CDH miracles...
This picture is of Jacob and Rory. Rory was born about 3 weeks after Jacob with Left Sided CDH. After his surgery he was placed on ECMO for about 7 days and went home 2 days before Jacob. Jeff and I became very close to Jen and her husband Chad because we were able to share the Joys and Struggles of the daily life in the NICU. While we were there, there were two other CDH babies that did not make it home--Heaven became their first home. It's hard to be together and not think about those other babies too.

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a blessed and hopeful day!


  1. Great job standing Jacob! He's making such great progress ~ he'll be on the move before you know it.

  2. :-) Rory and Jacob are so precious. We think of you guys often.

  3. I think seeing Jacob stand and know that movement is next on the list is the best Christmas present, other than Jacob being here, ever. Have a good Christmas season.

  4. it's me again, a friend of chad and laura beth's... i've been following jacob's story since lb shared it on her blog. i am rejoicing greatly about this Christmas for your sweet family!

  5. he is so sweet and adorable=) i love seeing his precious smile! CDH babies are miracles indeed!

  6. WOW! Jacob and Rory! You'd never know that they have both been through so much (surgeries, ECMO, etc.) by looking at how happy they are and how great they look!

    And yay Jacob for standing up! He's going to be running around before you know it!


  7. He is a continual reminder of God's Greatness. Thank you for keeping us posted. I always look forward to these messages.

  8. What a handsome little boy you have. Are you ready for Santa?

  9. My brother and sister in law just found out at their last ultrasound (20 weeks) that their baby has this problem as well. They arent sure how big the hole is yet. They are going to a specialist next week. I want to find so much hope out there that their baby can make it. Reading your story is inspirational.