Friday, December 4, 2009

A Glimpse of our Week...

It's been a great week with Jacob. He was able to fight off his cold with FLYING COLORS! Yay! We never had to go over 1/4 liter of oxygen (the amount we came home from the hospital in June), and his congestion and cough never settled in his lungs. Thank you for your prayers and concerns for him. This makes us feel so relieved because now his body is getting stronger and more capable of fighting off colds and such. This is a really big step for him!

Jacob continues to progress in his fine motor skills. He is now clapping on his own, he can grab small things with his finger and thumb (pincer grasp), and bangs things together with both hands. Pretty much, anything he can hit, bang, and chew on...he does. Here's a video of his clapping. He is watching TV...which is why he never looks at the camera.

Jacob is also making strides in his gross motor skills too. He continues to get stronger and stronger. He is super sturdy sitting on his own, and he can reach very far in front of himself and pull back to a sitting position with a little work. We are trying to get him to put more and more pressure on his hands and knees. Usually, he cries any time you put him on his hands and knees...but...I turned on a Baby Einstein video, and voila, he stayed in this position for over 10 minutes. HA! Now any time we want to work on strength training...we pop in a video. :) The blanket roll underneath him is a trick that our PT told us to do. It gives him support while working on the strength in his arms and legs.

Here we are hanging out on the floor. Somebody's head popped onto my leg, begging for some attention.
Not much to say about this picture. It's just funny! Why does every parent do this to their child when bathing them?

Thanks for checking in with us this week. As always, have a blessed day!


  1. Baby Einstein is a HUGE hit in our house, too. We can trick Carter into any type of therapy with it.

    Jacob looks like he's doing really well. Glad to hear he kicked that cold's booty to the curb without much problems.

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed of Jacob's progress. We continue to pray for him and praise God for His continuing miracles in Jacob's life. We are so thankful he fought off that cold, he is getting stronger every day. He is so cute, he will fighting off the girls ! Have a wonderful Christmas season.