Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Update on Jacob:

He's doing really good at home. We have finally found a routine that works for him. He wakes each morning around 6:30 needing a diaper change, and then sleeps again until 8. He wakes up and we play for around an hour. He eats at 9, and goes down for a small nap around 10. That nap only lasts around 30-40 minutes. He's up and ready to play some more by about 10:45. Then he eats again at 12, and by 12:30, he's down for a nice LONG nap. Sometimes he sleeps until 2:30 or 3:00. WOW. We're loving that! Then he eats again, and plays for the rest of the evening. Sometimes we give him a bath before bedtime, which is about 8:30 or 9. He sleeps almost through the night, which is so nice. We hesitate to even write this because Jacob never follows rules (he makes his own), but hopefully this routine will stick.

We have a visit tomorrow (Wednesday) with Tennessee Early Intervention to see what kind of services Jacob will need to get him caught up with his development. He's getting stronger and stronger each day. Pray that it goes well.

Here's some pictures of the past few days. Enjoy!

Jeff, Jackson, and Jacob ready for our first walk together...Jackson was so excited he was twirling around and around.

Jacob fell asleep after the walk. Aparently he didn't seem to mind the great outdoors.

Jacob and Julie after the walk. Also, did you notice the yard in the background? Thank you to the SonSeekers class at church for coordinating care for our yard while we were in the hospital. It looks GREAT!

Jacob has discovered his hands more and more. When he doesn't have a pacifier, you'll see him putting his whole hand in his mouth. It's cute, and so is the outfit...

I had to get a picture of this...Jacob and Jackson together. Aww...

Jeff and Jacob trying out the infant carrier.

May you be blessed today!


  1. God is awesome! I am so happy to see that you are enjoying your family and that Jacob is doing so well. Thanks so much for sharing your faith and your story.

  2. Sounds like you're very lucky to have such a GREAT baby!! There is nothing like a good schedule!! I'm soo excited for you all!! Seeing these pictures of you all together, they're sooooo much better than the ones of you guys in the hospital with tubes and machines...what a blessing!! I never thought for a second this day wouldn't come for you guys! You've got such a beautiful family!! Enjoy every minute with Jacob!! Wait till you see how fast he is going to keep growing!!! It's CRAZY! :) Keep updating when you can! I LOVE seeing how Awesome our GOD really is!!!

  3. :-) I love pictures of Jacob! He is just too cute. Hope you guys are doing well!! Things are going pretty good for me. Hoping the appt. for developmental issues goes well.


  4. Jeff and Julie,
    I am so thrilled that God has chosen to answer your prayers positively and that you have chosen to give him your praise and thanksgiving for his goodness to you and Jacob. What a blessing Jacob is! I will be praying for you all for the appointment and suspect that whatever they predict, in terms of Jacob's development, Jacob will show his developmental "catch up" to be BEYOND their predictions. That seems to be about the most predictable characteristic of your little man! We continue to eagerly await his debut at Woodmont!
    Jennifer Hicks

  5. Yea for being home and getting on a Routine! We live close to where you do, and my youngest daughter is in the TEIS Program! Its a great program that is really helpful! Im sure he will "catch up" just fine!

  6. what a fun update! jacob looks so happy at home!

  7. Precious! I love that you are getting to have all this fun at home with your sweet little miracle!

  8. Thank you for the pictures! I am so glad you guys are getting to enjoy such fun times with him! I especially love the pictures of Jackson and Jacob!

  9. Jeff & Julie,
    It is just so awesome to see you all at home and living life "normally" (whatever that means with a newborn!). Anyway, your sharing continues to bless us. Thank you for being so open about how God has blessed you. Jacob is adorable. We used TEIS for our kids, the coordinators are great!