Friday, May 15, 2009

Our first week at home!

Many of you are asking for another you go!

Our first night was rough, only because WE didn't really sleep AT ALL! Jacob slept fine, in fact, he loves sleeping at home. I think it's the first time we have seen him rest so peacefully. However, we have been waking up with every sound, every smack of the lips, every sneeze, cough, etc. Occasionally we have checked to make sure he was still breathing. People say that this is totally normal when you bring a baby home. Because we spent so much time at the hospital with Jacob on the monitors, we have found ourselves wondering at times what his heart rate is, or what his saturation is. For so long Jacob was "sick" and we were so cautious when doing normal things with him like holding him and interacting with him. But, being away from the monitors at the hospital has given us such a freedom. Now, we get to do all those things and not have "numbers." We can just be parents loving on our son!

We had our first visit to our pediatrician today, and Jacob weighs 12 pounds 4 ounces! YAY! He is gaining weight! He is a little more than 26 inches long. So, for his height, he is in the 95th percentile...but his weight...its closer to the 10th percentile. We need to chub up!

Please continue to pray for Jacob. It has been amazing to share our prayer requests and see them being answered one right after the other. We need to get better and better with feeds and gain more and more weight. Also, because we were in the hospital for so long (101 days) Jacob has some catching up to do in his development. Pray that we can make leaps and bounds in the next few months.

Here's some pictures. Enjoy!

This is how Jacob always sleeps...both arms up above his head.
I promise, he does more than just sleep.
In Dad's arms, just before bath time!
In Mom's arms, just after a bath. :)Jackson is VERY curious about Jacob. He loves to sniff him anywhere we'll let him. He's being a good big brother!
Thanks to Gramma Tuley for coming and helping us during the first week. We couldn't have done it without her! As you can see, she's having a great time too!
Like Father, Like Son...
Jacob in his swing (yes he's on top of the table...we didn't keep him there for long)
Jacob practicing sitting like a big boy in his Bumbo seat. He's working really hard to keep his head up...

...and this would be Jacob getting tired of having to hold his head up... Don't worry, we rescued him very soon after taking the picture.

The staff at Cole gave us a beautiful baby shower, hosted by the 4th grade team (thanks ladies). It was outside in the gazebo at school. After 7 years at Cole, it was such a blessing to be able to share this journey with them. Thank you for the shower...and also for your prayers and support. They mean more to us than you'll ever know.

May you be blessed today!


  1. Oh Lord You are truly wonderful beyond words! The pictures are more than precious, Jacob is such a beautiful baby boy. Indeed home is where you all needed to be. Going back to the beginning of your journey and seeing the pictures today brings me to my knees in praise and thanksgiving to our Most High God for the miracles He has given. We are truly grateful. We continue to pray for you all and know that God has a mighty plan for Jacob's life as he has touched so many already. We love you Jeff, Julie and Jacob
    Uncle Steve and Aunt Vicki

  2. How GREAT is our GOD and worthy of praise! Standing amazed in his presence, as I do every time, because His mercy never ceases to put me in awe.
    Carol Bartilson

    (Randy is rejoicing too!)

  3. jacob looks great! praise the Lord that everything is going so well! i bet he sleeps even more peacefully because there aren't monitor alarms going on every second! God bless!

    Emily, RN

  4. Looks like you have had a busy and fun week. I am so happy for all of you and continue to say a prayer for you all as well.

  5. I love it when God gives a story a happy ending. However, this is just the beginning of a long journey that God has planned for your family and Jacob. What great things He has already done through this little boy. So many people have been touched through this wonderful miracle. I can't even begin to imagine what He has in store for his future, or how He is going to continue using Jacob to change this world for the better. We have ALL been blessed beyond measure as we waited for the updates to your blog, prayed, cried, and prayed some more. Your precious little son has made a difference in everyone's life, and today you can shout to the universe that God is alive and still in control! May you always be surrounded by His loving grace as you nurture this angel; and we will pray for him and his every need, and smile as the miracle of Jacob progresses. He is such a gift for you now to enjoy, and your faith and belief in His power is awesome! God is not only good--He is GREAT!!!

  6. I can't even explain the JOY that comes over me when I see your baby boy! Although I've never met you or Jacob...just reading about your journey and seeing where you are today makes me realize more and more how blessed we are to have such an amazing God who loves us sooo much! Jacob is sooo beautiful and how could you ask for a more perfect little boy! To think you started this journey thinking he wouldn't even make it to this! He's just PERFECT!!! It's such an amazing story and I feel sooo lucky to have been "a part" of it! Thank You for sharing everything that you do and continuing to share with updates on how life at HOME is going! I pray and think of you all every day! Knowing what you've all over come has truly made me want to be a better Christian! It's really made me see just how AWESOME our GOD is!! THANK YOU for sharing your story! I will continue to pray Jacob keeps making leaps and bounds! God Bless!!