Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Bucket List completed...almost...

The only thing left to put in our Summer Bucket is "Make a Buzz Lightyear."  Summer doesn't technically end until the end of September, right?!?!?!
Here's some pictures of our Summer Bucket List items...Jacob really got into this!  He was so excited to take the paper off the cork board and put it into the bucket when we completed it!
Drive in Movie (Planes, of course)

If you've never been here and live in our area, you should check it out...it was pretty fun!


Hike to a Waterfall


...so it was a "small" waterfall...


Cook outside and roast Marshmallows (in our backyard...)


Yummy hot dogs and S'mores!


Make cards for some shut-ins


Homemade peach ice cream!!!


Throw some Airplanes...nice action shot!


Summer Concert in Crockett Park


It was packed...they had fireworks that night as well!


Play in the Sprinkler


Sprinkler fun!


Do some stargazing (We went to Dyer Observatory)


What Elizabeth and Mommy do while Daddy and Jacob are listening to the guy talk about the stars!  :)


Jacob with his constellation chart

Thanks for checking in with us.  Hope you enjoyed your Summer as much as we have!

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  1. So fun! Next time, you should check out Fall Creek Falls...Jacob would love how big the waterfall is:)