Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of Pre-K

It's hard to believe that our Miracle Boy is in Pre-Kindergarten!

Jacob, we are so proud of you!  You have grown up so much in the last year!  You are SO SMART!  You are reading!  Yes, that's right, at 4 1/2 years old you are reading Biscuit books and some easy readers.  It's totally unbelievable to me!  You know how to write your name and most of the alphabet, you understand time (thanks to all the clocks in the family) and you love numbers, especially as they relate to clocks, elevators, and airplane tail numbers.  You like to jump around and play outside, especially when it involves swinging a bat at a ball.  You are so independent and love to say, "I do it my own."  So big!  We are so honored to be your parents and we can't wait to see how God works in you this year!

Orange backpack...

Sweet smile!
We had to get one with Elizabeth!
On the front step...
First day of school with Ms. Kelly.
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!

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