Monday, July 29, 2013

11 Months

Sweet Elizabeth!
You are 11 months old!  We are so blown away with your awesomeness!  That's not a real word, but it doesn't are just awesome, and we love you so much!  In just one short month you have started doing many new things...
You are cruising!  You pull right up on most things and cruise your way around to get what you want. You crawl very fast, and can really get moving when you want to chase mommy all over the house!    You are trying to climb up onto many things.  We have little chairs, and you climb right into those, and you also get up on the hearth, where your toys currently reside, and also have figured out how to get down without hurting yourself.  :)  While holding hands, you can walk.  If we let go, you quickly drop yourself right to the ground.  It's cute.  Last week you stood up on the cooler and you pushed it all over the you're ready for a walking/push toy!  Some say you will be walking by your first birthday...that would be crazy!  We shall see!
You have a really good pincer grasp.  You are picking up cheerios like crazy, and anything else you can find, and things quickly go right to your mouth!  We are vacuuming more than ever before!  Ha!  You are tapping on books and turning pages when we read.  You clap your hands together and like to bang on things.  You are babbling, and mimicking sounds all the time.  One of the cutest things you do, is after taking a bite of something you say, "Mmmm."
Ok. Another one of the cutest things you do is HUG!  It's the most precious thing.  You crawl right over to another baby/child and wrap your arms around them, sometimes you knock them over, and hug them.  It's just adorable!  You've been known to put your arms out for other people to hold you and when they take you, you put your head on their shoulder and pat their back with your hand.  You are so loving!  Beautiful and loving, a great combination, however, we may have to lock you up until you're 30.  Just kidding.  :)
And speaking of are eating table foods!  Thats because you have 8 teeth!!!  Three are fully out, and the other 5 have broken through and are on their way down at different rates, but they're all there...Crazy! It's been amazing watching you eat things like bread, muffins, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, green beans, banana, watermelon, spaghetti, eggs, and some pancakes with syrup.  You LOVE sweet things and we have no doubt that when it comes time for your birthday cake, you will gobble it up!!!!  We can't wait to watch you eat your birthday cake!
Most of your 9 month clothes still fit you, and size 2 shoes still fit also.  You are sleeping from 8pm to about 6am, which is part of why we think you are so awesome.  :)  We're not going to lie, we do like our sleep!  Your hair is beginning to get long enough for clips, if you'll keep them in, and one day soon I will be putting your hair in pigtails!  Just you wait!
You are such a light to our world and it's a better world because you're in it!  We love you beautiful girl!

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